What's Normal post TPLO and what's not

The following is a list of things that some have seen in their dogs while going through TPLO recovery. They are divided into things that were considered to be normal and things that were a cause for concern or a call to the vet. If at any time you are uncomfortable with the way your dog is acting call your vet. Your peace of mind is worth much.

What's Normal

*Some panting, whining and restlessness may be normal at first but excessive panting, whining and restlessness could be signs that the dog needs more pain medication or that he is in distress and there is something wrong with the leg. You have to gauge what is normal for your dog. Some dogs will also pant if they have to potty.

**Some dogs cannot or will not poop after their surgeries. This could have something to do with getting in the proper position to do so. If you KNOW the dog has to poop but its not doing so, you can help it along a bit. Take a paper match and wet the head of the match in your mouth for a few seconds. Then take the match and insert the head end first into the dog's rectum. Make sure part of the match is hanging out. Within a few seconds the dog should start to get into the position to poop and be successful at doing so. (I had to do this for Darby for about 2-3 weeks)

***Again it comes down to getting in the proper position. The leg might hurt a bit when the dog squats or lifts its leg. Be sympathetic but encouraging to the dog.

****This is most likely due to the antibiotics the dog is on. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, good and bad. Some dogs will develop a yeast infection somewhere on their body; either their feet, privates or ears. Giving the dog probiotics will help combat this.

My dogs always get 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt with cultures with their afternoon meal. When they are going to be on antibiotics I will also add liquid probiotics found at most health food stores in the refrigerated section. Giving this 6-8 hours AFTER the antibiotics will let the antibiotics do their job, but let the good bacteria in the probiotics do theirs without interfering with each other.

What's Not Normal

Things that may help during recovery

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