Spots on the Tongue


How many have heard that if a dog has a black spot on its tongue that its part ChowChow?  I swear, I see questions regarding this all the time.  Someone with a Lab that has a spot on its tongue happens to run into someone else, a know-it-all (or KIA), either at the vets or at a store who tells them that their dog/puppy cannot possibly be purebred Labrador because of that spot.  Only ChowChow mixes can have spots on their tongue.  Oh please!

Black spots are just extra pigment.  That's all. Think of a beauty mark on a person.    If you're calling your breeder to yell at them for selling you a mix, hang up the phone.

(photo courtesy of LabDad)
This is Misty who is a purebred Labrador.  She thoughtfully yawned so her dad could take a picture of her spot.  There is not an ounce of ChowChow blood in her body.


Here is a yellow which a nice black spot on his tongue.  Again, this is a purebred Labrador, no Chow blood.

(photo courtesy of Nadia902)


(photos courtesy of AF Lab)

Another yellow with a nice sized black spot on her tongue.


These spots can be anywhere on the tongue.  Front or way way in the back, where you can barely see them. 

(photo courtesy of budbud)


(photo courtesy of mamaloveslabs
They can range in size.  Some might be barely noticable; others might be very dark. 


Some dogs have one spot; some dogs have multiple spots.

(photo courtesy of raian)


Recently, I have heard of someone being told by a KIA that their dog wasn't purebred Lab due to the fact the dog didn't have black spots on its tongue.  Sheesh, what's next?

Black spots on the tongue certainly aren't rare, so don't fall for any "rare, black spotted tongued Labradors" advertisements.   Again, its just extra pigment. 

The next time a KIA tells you that you were ripped off and have a Chow mix due to a bit of pigment on its tongue, you can smirk to yourself, knowing that you know more than this self-proclaimed KIA!