Recently it came to my attention that a page on Facebook had stolen this image, taken off the copyright label on it and put their own on the image.

Bad enough that they steal the image. What distresses me the most is that they profess to love Jesus and yet they steal?

I wrote the following to them on the page:

You have stolen a picture of mine. I have messaged you asking you to please delete it and yet you haven't bothered to respond. Let me tell you about that image that you have stolen.

In 2006 the yellow Lab in the picture died unexpectantly at the age of 9 1/2. I was devastated to lose such a young dog. 9 days later I lost the black, her mother, at 16 1/2 years of age. In order to cope with the loss I created this image. The same image you have stolen.

I feel violated by you. I have requested via PM that you remove the image. You have continued to ignore my requests.

You are a page that features Jesus yet you steal? How would you explain that if Jesus was standing in front of you right now? What could you possibly say to Him to excuse your behavior?

Think about that and the message or witness that you are portraying by ignoring a Daughter of Christ's request that you remove her stolen image.

If they had asked and left the copyright information on it I would have granted them permission. I understand the image comforts those who have lost a pet. It comforted me as well when I lost Darby and Boomer. However, just taking something off a website is in direct violation of Copyright laws.


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What is even worse, is they profess to love Jesus, yet they blatently steal someone else's image and then ignore all PM's, emails and comments from the rightful owner. What kind of message is that sending? If you read some of the comments people who are not Christians are appauled and mention the non-Christian behavior. Because of their actions, how many people who need Jesus in their lives will be turned away? The Bible is full of passages on leading people astray and the consequences of doing so.

For this reason, I am leaving the theft in God's hands. He knows how much this image means to me. I will leave the retribution to Him. His judgement/retribution is more damning than anything I can do.

I will say, less than 3 hours after contacting the owner of the Facebook page which had stolen the above image, he responded, apologized and took it down. Class act.

If you find an image/article/whatever on someone's site, ASK before you take it as your own. Not only is the right thing to do, it is the law. Once an original image/article/whatever is published on the owner's website or even on the Internet, the copyright stays with the original owner.

I've had a lot of content from this website taken over the years. I will now start publishing the names and URLs of these thieves as I come across them.



The following people have stolen content from

Christian World View Press (image)

Christ Connection (image)

Miss Annie Blog (image)

The Arete Blog (image)

Loveokeefe's Blog (image)



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