Its sometimes called the "OMG, IíM A TEENAGER AND THE SKY IS FALLING" stage. Most bitches go through it at approx. 6-10 months. What you do or don't do now could affect your girl for the rest of her life.

Whatever you do, do NOT acknowledge the fear. Sing Happy Birthday to her (everyone knows the words so its the best thing to sing), laugh, anything but acknowledge that fear. I would take her completely off a choke collar if you have one so you are not tempted to tighten the leash on her if you suspect she might get squirrelly on you in a certain situation. DO NOT tighten that leash at any time. It gives her the idea something is about to happen and she should get ready for it. Bring lots and lots of treats with you and have anyone you can feed her. Ask them to get down on her level and hold out their hand a bit, with the food clearly visible. They are NOT to reach out to her and try to pat her on the head. She is to go to THEM and they say "good girl" when she takes the food. Nothing else. No trying to pet her. She will see that as a threat.

If she takes the treat, you say nothing to her. You say nothing to her if she doesn't take the treat. You're singing, remember?

If you really pay attention to what is going on, she'll get through this just fine. Its going to take some time and effort on your part though.

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