The first, and most common form of supplementation, is that of overfeeding. That is, the optimum diet is supplemented with more of the same, resulting in obese dogs. Obesity in dogs is the number one health problem seen in canine veterinary practice. Many natural dietary phytochemical compounds found in fruits, vegetables, spices and tea have been shown in recent years to be protective against cancer in various animal models.

With the exception of supplements and nutraceuticals that have antioxidant (anti-aging), anti-cancer, or immunostimulating properties, supplements are not generally useful for normal healthy dogs. In fact, many supplements on top of a quality commercial diet can be downright dangerous. We will start with some of those.

Mineral Supplements

We will take a quick look at the commonly supplemented minerals. Be aware, before you read any further, that mineral supplementation of commercial dog foods is generally ill advised, unless there is some underlying medical condition.

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