Invisible Fences

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There are a few things to consider before deciding on an invisible fence.

1. They will keep your dog in, but not others out. Therefore another dog can come on to your property and attack/breed to your dog. Your dog is defenseless and can't get away without getting shocked.

2. Many outside factors can give your dog a correction. Thunderstorms, airplanes, garage door openers and so on can inadvertently set off your dog's collar.

3. If your dog does cross the barrier, it will be afraid to return home for fear of the shock.

4. It should never be used on a dog under 6 mo. because it can cause nerve damage and behavioral problems.

5. If the electricity goes out, so does your fence, or if the batteries go dead, so does your fence.

6. Some dogs just don't respond to them, ever. You can keep buying harder and harder shockers, and they just don't work (I have heard of this a lot with Labs).

I am not saying that e-fences are all bad, but these are the factors you really must consider before getting one. If you do decide to get one, it should only be used under supervision, not on a dog under 6 mo., and should have 2 levels of shock and a tone-only option. If you can, you should consider a regular fence, probably about 4 ft high. It will cost the same amount as a good system, and will keep other dogs out as well. I know some developments do not allow regular fencing, and I think that is sad.

© 2000 – Rebel’s Mom (first appeared on the AcmePet dog bulletin board)