Handraised Puppies Feeding Chart
Puppy's Weight
Amount to Feed
in One Day (total)
Amount to Feed
(6 feedings per day)
Amount to Feed
(8 feedings per day)
30cc (ml)
5cc (ml)
3.75 cc (ml)
45cc (ml)
7.5cc (ml)
5.6cc (ml)
60cc (ml)
10cc (ml)
7.5cc (ml)
75cc (ml)
12.5cc (ml)
9.4cc (ml)
90cc (ml)
15cc (ml)
11.5cc (ml)
105cc (ml)
17.5cc (ml)
13.33cc (ml)
120cc (ml)
20cc (ml)
15cc (ml)
135cc (ml)
22.5cc (ml)
16.8cc (ml)
150cc (ml)
25cc (ml)
18.75cc (ml)
165cc (ml)
27.5cc (ml)
20.6cc (ml)
180cc (ml)
30cc (ml)
22.5cc (ml)
195cc (ml)
32.5cc (ml)
24.4cc (ml)
210cc (ml)
35cc (ml)
26.25cc (ml)
225cc (ml)
37.5cc (ml)
28.13cc (ml)
240cc (ml)
40cc (ml)
30cc (ml)


The formulas I've used
Puppy Formula

1 can evaporated milk

1 can water

1 egg yolk

1 tsp. Karo Syrup

2-3 large spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt.

Puppy Formula 2

1 cup evaporated milk (full fat)

1 cup plain yogurt (full or low fat is ok)

l/4 cup water

1 egg yolk (no whites)

2 tablespoons mayonaise

The amount for full supplementing is 1cc per oz of puppy every 4 hours.

Keep it in a jar or bottle in the fridge and then just shake it up well before each feeding.


Fading puppy formula

1 - egg yolk
1 - Small jar of strained beef baby food
8 oz - Plain yogurt
12 oz - Evaporated Milk
6 oz. - water
3-4 drops - Karo syrup
3-4 drops - Flax seed oil

Put all ingredients in a blender and refrigerate after blending.


Liver liquid for fading puppies

Large piece of Beef Liver-little bit of water-boil slowly, about 5 minutes until the blood comes out.

Let cool-drain the liquid and put just 4 drops (no matter the breed) into a dropper and give to puppy.

At first you give it every 2 hours for 12 hours, then every 4 hours. You can do this for however long you have to until you feel the puppy is thriving.

Don't use any of the liver itself-it's way too rich--just the liquid.

Stories about using this:  Someone who has a large breed and she gave the 4 drops every hour for 12 hours, and then went to every 2 hours -then to 4 hours. So I guess you can vary it for different breeds. She agreed it was amazing. She had 2 fading puppies and they are fine now.

Most breeders who have used this wouldn't have a litter without having a piece of beef liver in the freezer, just in case.



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