Biting. Learning from Mom.

I was watching my puppy Libby playing with her mom Stevie and Stevie got tired of getting her face bitten. So Stevie nipped really quick at Libby and made a growling sound. Then stopped and waited to see what Libby would do. You could tell Libby got the message and they started playing nicer.

HMMMMM, I thought. So the next time Libby nipped at me I "nipped" back with my hand, grabbing her around the head and neck with it, letting go, grabbing her with it and made growling noises at her at the same time. Then I stopped and let Libby figure out what I wanted. By golly if she didn't then lick me and started to play nice. It only took once and now all I have to do is make an OWWWWW noise if she gets too rough and she backs off. Try it, I bet it works.

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