Belly Measuring to determine pregnancy


There are several different ways to determine if a female dog is pregnant.  You can do a Relaxin pregnancy test.  You can also do an Ultrasound. I measure.  It saves me $60 in vet bills and is pretty accurate if done correctly.


I take the first measurement when she is done breeding.

First you need a tape measure.  Then have your dog standing and find the last rib.

If she has boobage, like Stevie here, you gather up the excess with the tape measure and then take a reading. Record it so you can go back later to see if she has gained inches around her waist.


I measure again at 3 weeks.  On a virgin female, you may see a bit of a gain by then.  It is important not to change the female's food intake or type of food when you begin measuring.  By increasing the food, the measuring could give you a false reading.

I then measure again at 4 weeks and make note of any gain.  Do not panic if there isn't a gain at 4 weeks. Some females don't begin to show this early.

We measure again at 5 weeks.  While its still not panic time if you don't detect a gain, generally by now there is a small gain around the waist.

40 days is the make or break time.  If your female hasn't gained anything by 40 days, its a pretty good indication that there aren't any puppies in there.


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