Easy way to teach a dog to signal when it wants out

This is how I taught my Lab Robin. I went to the pet supply store and bought a parrot bell. This is the type of bell that you hang in a parrot's cage to keep it amused. I hung this bell near the door where I was taking Robin out everytime (this is important).

When it was time to take Robin out, I took her paw and lifted it and struck the bell with the paw. I DID THIS EVERYTIME WE WENT OUT TO POTTY! I used the same paw every time, as well. When she pottied, she was praised and we went back into the house.

This was the first time I had used this method and I was a bit skeptical. Imagine my surprise when about a week later I hear the bell ring. I peeked in the kitchen where the bell was hung and saw Robin sitting by the bell. Thinking she was possibly just playing with it I stood and watched her. She hit the bell again after a couple of minutes. I went to her, praised her and took her outside. She pottied almost immediately. Again, more praise.

It was not a fluke, Robin was soon ringing that bell on her own when she had to potty and she was considered housebroken after that.

Try it, if your consistant and remember to praise it should work for you as well.

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