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Adolescence in dogs

Adolescence in dogs 2

Adolescence (coping with)

Adolescence (surviving your dog's)

Adolescence (trials & tribulations)

Avoiding Dog Bites

Battle of the Sexes

Behavior Issues in Dogs & Puppies

Behavior Issues in Older Dogs

Behavior and Training Issues

Being Alpha




Crate Training

Crate Training 2

Dog Behavior Advice

Early Socialization of dogs

Fear Reactions

"He just wants to say hi" or rude dogs and owners

Help for dogs which are afraid of thunderstorms and/or fireworks

Hot Weather Training


Puppy Training

Sensory, Emotional and Social Development of the Young Dog

Should you teach a dog to use a litter box?

Solutions to Biting/Mouthing Problems in Puppies and Dogs

Stages in a dog's life

Teach your dog to ring a bell

Temperament in dogs

The Teenage Dog Fear Period

Timetable of Dog/Puppy Developement

Training your dog

Training your dog

Training puppies


Canine Nutrition

Cautions of feeding a raw diet with an epileptic dog

Diet and the skin

Dog Foods - Help in making the choice easier

Dog Weight Chart

Feeding your dog

Growing hair on a doorknob

Linda Arndt's (Great Dane Lady) articles on feeding/nutrition

Pet food myths

Supplementing commercial dog food - Is it necessary?

Why I Don't Feed Nutro Anymore



Anatomy of the dog

Animal Control - What to do when they come knocking

Animals in Heaven

Animals in Heaven2

Black Spots on a Lab tongue

Descripton of color terms in the dog

De-Skunking your dog

Dewclaws - an argument for leaving them on

Different hip systems

Dog Articles

Dog Politics

Dog Shows & Activities

Dwarfism in Labradors

Dwarfism in Labs 2

Dwarfism in Labs 3

Eating grass

English or American Labs?

ERG testing

Ethics and Responsibilities of Spaying and Neutering

Feeding A Puppy

Fox Red Labradors

Free To A Good Home

Grooming Your Labrador

Growing hair on a doorknob

History of the Fox Red Labrador

How to Match Your Dog to Make it Poop

Instinct & Normal Behavior in dogs

Is the Labrador Retriever the right breed for you?

Is a Retriever right for you?

Keeping Up Appearances - or should we split the breed?


Labradoodles 2

Labrador Coat - should you blow dry for a show?

Labrador Type

Lawn Problems & Dogs

Male dogs and why sometimes they have swelling or "its not broken, trust me"

Mismarks on Labradors

My Dog Lives Here

Myth of the Hypo-Allergenic Dog

"Normal for age"

OFA vs. PennHIP

Releasing your dog from a trap

Rescue (Satire on one reason people give up their dogs)

Rules for Kids and Dogs

The "shape" of Labradors today

Shipping dogs and puppies

"Silver" Labradors

The Tragic loss of bloodlines and mentoring in America

Trust - a deadly disease

What those Classified Ads really mean

Whisker trimming in dogs (harmless or mutilation?)

Why do dog's eyes glow in photos?

Why I don't like or recommend underground containment systems (Electric Fences)

Yellow Labradors - the varying shades

Yellow Labrador pigment