February 7, 2001

Darby seems to be more alert today. However, Iím noticing more rashes on her body. I did some online searches and one of the few side effects noted with the Kelflex is a rash and itching. http://www.peteducation.com/pharmacy/cephalosporins.htm

I called my own vet clinic and talked to Carolyn the vet. She seems to think that since Darby doesnít have any infections to take her off the Keflex and see if the rashes stop. Sheís wondering if the Keflex might be causing the bleeding in the urine that she had, though that side effect isnít listed. Sheís leaning more towards the surgeon expressing the bladder (sort of squeezing it) before surgery so Darby wouldnít urinate upon coming out of the anesthesia. This makes a lot of sense to me.

So this is what Iím going to do with her. Iíll take her off the Keflex and watch her very closely. If the rashes disappear, then we know thatís what was causing it. Poor baby, this is just what she needs.

She is being such a trooper. If I was her I would have been going crazy with the inactivity by now.

darby eating her boneIKM brought by 3 huge knuckle bones for Darby today. She chewed on one for a couple of hours before I took it away so she would go to sleep. She zonked out almost immediately.

Its driving Shanny crazy that she can't have the bones and Kongs.

shanny wanting the bone
This is the rash I'm seeing on Darby's hip area. It seems to come and go which is what is so weird about it.darby's rash on her hip
darby rash on muzzleThis is the rash I'm seeing around her mouth. Its not showing up well in the picture, but the hair around her muzzle is thinner too.
This is the rash that is showing up around Darby's incision. They don't seem to itch her too badly, but they do come and go and she's not licking it, which is a huge plus.darby incision

She is putting her foot down more as she walks. I caught her actually pawing at the back door to open it as we came in from outside yesterday. I'm supporting her hindquarters still with the sling. I'll do that until I see Dr. K on the 15th and I'm told I can stop doing it. I don't want her to back track on her recovery.

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